Section C

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Cemetery,Coedpoeth. (Section C)    (Click here to go to Section D) <
First Name Middle Name Surname Grave No
David   EVANS C1
Miriam   EVANS C1
Seth   HUGHES C2
Ellen   HUGHES C2
John   HUGHES C3
Barbara   HUGHES C3
Florrie   HUGHES C3
Amelia   HUGHES C3
Susannah   HUGHES C3
Amelia   MILNER C3
Blodwen   HUGHES C3
Ednyfed   HUGHES C3
Beatrice   ROBERTS C3
Lynn   HUGHES C3
Benjamin   PURSLOW C4
Lydia   PURSLOW C4
Benjamin Ernest PURSLOW C4
Herbert Henry PURSLOW C4
Sarah Elizabeth ROBERTS C4
Frances Lydia   C4
Enoch   ROBERTS C5
Maragret Ellen ROBERTS C5
Aaron   ROBERTS C6
Annie   ROBERTS C6
Williams   EDWARDS C7
Margaret Amelia WILLIAMS C7
Jane   JONES C8
John   JONES C8
Mary   JONES C8
Alfred   JONES C8
Margaret   WRIGHT C9
George   WRIGHT C9
Eliz.   WRIGHT C9
Thomas L. PARRY C10
Jane W. PARRY C10
Margaret   WILLIAMS C11
John Owen WILLIAMS C11
Evan Thomas WILLIAMS C11
Phoebe   WILLIAMS C11
Richard   PARRY C12
Edith Owen PARRY C12
Thomas James JONES C14
Elizabeth   JONES C14
William John JONES C14
William   REES C15
Ann   REES C15
Mary Ann EDWARDS C16
John   EDWARDS C16
Sarah Elizabeth EDWARDS C16
Lily   JOHNSON C17
Charles   JOHNSON C17
Mary Ellen JOHNSON C17
Jane   CUNNAH C18
Sammuel   CUNNAH C18
William   ROGERS C18
Catherine Elizabeth ROGERS C18
Sarah   JONES C19
Robert   JONES C19
Louie   ROBERTS C20
Albert   ROBERTS C20
Ada Violet GRIFFITHS C20
Martha Ann GRIFFITHS C20
Sarah Ellen GRIFFITHS C20
Alfred Edward GRIFFITHS C20
Barbara   WATKIN C21
David   WATKIN C21
John   ROGERS C22
Mary   ROGERS C22
Miriam   ROGERS C22
Eliza Jane ROGERS C22
Hannah   OWEN C23
William   OWEN C23
Edward   WILLIAMS C23
Margaret Ann WILLIAMS C23
Richard   WILLIAMS C24
Miriam   WILLIAMS C24
John   EDWARDS C25
Jane   EDWARDS C25
John Samuel PARRY C26
Myra   PARRY C26
Ellen Pearce PARRY C26
John William JONES C27
Peter   JONES C27
Alice   JONES C27
Lydia   EDWARDS C28
Edward John EDWARDS C28
Thomas   PRITT C29
Ann   PRITT C29
Doris   PRITT C29
Price   PARRY C30
Eliza   PARRY C30
Arthur   PARRY C30
Gweno   LLOYD C30
John Ambrose LLOYD C30
Sephorah   LLOYD C30
Mary   JONES C31
John Jay JONES C31
Edward (Ted) WILLIAMS C32
Richard   HOPWOOD C33
Ruth   HOPWOOD C33
William   HOPWOOD C34
Ethel   HOPWOOD C34
Ruth   HOPWOOD C34
William   JONES C35
Catherine Jane JONES C35
Richard   HUGHES C36
Lizzie Jane JONES C36
Eddie   HUGHES C36
Bert   HUGHES C36
Robert   ROBERTS C37
Jane   ROBERTS C37
Minnie   PRICE C38
Arthur   PRICE C38
Edward   WILLIAMS C39
Jane Anne WILLIAMS C39
Robert   WILLIAMS C39
Joan Margaret WILLIAMS C39
John Frederick ROGERS C40
Elizabeth   ROGERS C40
Nesta Eleanor (Nell) ROGERS C40
Francis   CARRINGTON C41
Edward Morgan EDWARDS C42
Kate   EDWARDS C42
Sarah Ann GUNNER C43
Jane   JONES C43
Mary Jane THOMAS C44
John   THOMAS C44
William   JONES C45
Margaret   JONES C45
Robert Joseph McCARTNEY C46
Rose J. M. McCARTNEY C46
Robert William McCARTNEY C46
Lilian May McCARTNEY C46
Rosey   McCARTNEY C46
Edward   WILLIAMS C47
Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS C47
Thomas Charles EDWARDS C48
Elizabeth   EDWARDS C48
Arthur Roberts MORRIS C49
John Edward JONES C49
Elizabeth Ellen JONES C49
Laura   HOOSON C50
Lottie Hooson LLOYD C50
Thomas Edward LLOYD C50
Thomas   HANNAH C51
Hannah Elizabeth HANNAH C51
Wilfred   HANNAH C51
Vera   HANNAH C51
Robert   ROGERS C52
Alice   ROGERS C52
John Samuel HUGHES C53
Elizabeth   HUGHES C53
Robert   ROWLANDS C53
Linda   BARTLETT C53
Samuel   ROGERS C54
Edith   ROGERS C54
Ida Maud Mays ROGERS C54
Elizabeth (Lizzie) EVANS C55
Iorwerth   EVANS C55
Daniel   ELLIS C56
Annie   ELLIS C56
Mary Elizabeth WYNNE C57
Edgar   WYNNE C57
Sam   WYNNE C57
William Arthur PARRY C58
Sally Lloyd PARRY C58
Elizabeth   PRITCHARD C59
Gwenfron   WILLIAMS C60
Arthur   WILLIAMS C60
Liza   DAVIES C60
Emlyn   DAVIES C60
Morfudd Vera EVANS C61
Wilfred   EVANS C61
Catherine E. OWEN C62
Elywn   THOMAS C62
Naomi   ELLIS C63
Edward Vaughan ELLIS C63
Llewelyn   JONES C64
Dora   JONES C64
Walter John MOUNTFORD C65
Alison Kay GRIFFITHS C66
Thomas Cecil MORRIS C67
Doris Gwendoline MORRIS C67
Lilian Ruth RICHARDS C68
Mary   BETHELL C69
William   BETHELL C69
Roger   BRERETON C70
Mary Eleanor BRERETON C70
Sarah Jane ROBERTS C70
Edward   RODEN C71
Letitia   RODEN C71
Edward   DANIELL C72
Mary   DANIELL C72
Ann   EVANS C73
Edward   EVANS C73
William   ROBERTS C74
Mary   ROBERTS C74
Martha   ROBERTS C75
Robert   ROBERTS C75
John   ROBERTS C76
Frances   ROBERTS C76
Mair Edyth ? C76
Anne   DAVIES C77
David   DAVIES C77
Edward Allen DAVIES C77
Thomas Charles GRIFFITHS C78
Harriet   GRIFFITHS C78
Bronwen   GRIFFITHS C78
Joseph Vaughan GRIFFITHS C78
Mary Jane ROBERTS C79
John   EDWARDS C80
Mary Ellen EDWARDS C80
Joseph   EDWARDS C80
Albert   EDWARDS C80
William   EDWARDS C80
Thomas   ELLIS C81
John   KELLY C82
Elizabeth   KELLY C82
Eleanor   JONES C83
Edward   JONES C83
Harriat   JONES C83
Ruth Edith JONES C83
Thomas   JONES C83
John Owen OWENS C84
Ada Jane OWENS C84
Joseph   WILCOXON C85
Annie   WILCOXON C85
Bertha   WILCOXON C85
Hector Penry WILCOXON C85
Joseph Oswald WILCOXON C85
Jane   JONES C86
Griffith Joseph JONES C86
Myfanwy   JONES C86
John   DAVIES C87
Joseph   JONES C88
Mary   JONES C88
Philip   OWEN C88
Robert   OWEN C88
Agnes   OWEN C88
Thomas Edward DAVIES C89
Margaret   CARRINGTON C90
William   OWEN C91
Mary   OWEN C91
Mary   JONES C92
William Carrington JONES C92
Harrie   JONES C92
Elizabeth   HUGHES C93
David   HUGHES C93
William   THOMAS C94
Ellenor   THOMAS C94
John Henry THOMAS C94
Arthur Wesley THOMAS C94
Edward   BELTON C95
Hannah   BELTON C95
Tedde   BELTON C95
Jonathan   ROBERTS C96
Allen   ROBERTS C96
Ann Jane ROBERTS C96
Mary Ellen ROBERTS C96
Edwin   ROBERTS C96
Edwin   WILLIAMS C97
Elizabeth   JONES C97
Elizabeth   WILLIAMS C97
Edwin   JONES C97
John Euryn THOMAS C98
Thomas Ellis THOMAS C98
Mary   THOMAS C98
Mary Margaret WILLIAMS C99
Margaret Amelia WILLIAMS C99
Samuel   EVANS C100
Emily   EVANS C100
Susannah   MORRIS C101
Lewis   MORRIS C101
Charolotte   MORRIS C101
David Thomas JONES C102
Elizabeth Jane JONES C102
Mark   EVANS C103
Elizabeth   JONES C103
Richard   WILLIAMS C104
George   WILLIAMS C104
Mary   WILLIAMS C104
Thomas   DAVIES C105
Winifred   DAVIES C105
Richard   DAVIES C105
Peter   WILLIAMS C106
Elizabeth   WILLIAMS C106
Naomi   WILLIAMS C106
Peter George WILLIAMS C106
Joseph Emlyn WILLIAMS C107
Alys   WILLIAMS C107
Olwen     C107
John A.   C107
Stanley     C107
Emlyn     C107
Maldwyn     C107
Thomas   WILLIAMS C108
Jane   WILLIAMS C108
Hetty   WILLIAMS C108
Thomas   WILLIAMS C108
Noel   WILLIAMS C108
Gladys Isobel WYNNE C108
Joseph Henry JONES C109
Armon   JONES C109
Sarah Elizabeth JONES C109
Nellie   THOMAS C110
Albert   THOMAS C110
Mary   THOMAS C110
Elizabeth   THOMAS C110
Hugh   JONES C111
Sarah Ann JONES C111
Edward George WILLIAMS C112
Gwilym   WILLIAMS C112
Helen (Nell) WILLIAMS C112
Lydia Ann JONES C113
Edward James JONES C113
William Henry JONES C114
Mary Evelyn JONES C114
Mary Hannah ROBERTS C115
Edgar   ROBERTS C115
Gladys Ann ROBERTS C115
Ernest   ROBERTS C115
Emily   EVANS C116
Evan   EVANS C116
Lydia   MATTHEWS C117
John Samuel MATTHEWS C117
Josephine Mary JONES C118
John   JONES C118
Ida Margaret JONES C118
Ellen   ROBERTS C119
John   ROBERTS C119
Enoch   JONES C120
Jane   JONES C120
Sarah Ann JONES C121
Harriet Muriel MOSS C122
Agnes   MOSS C122
Thomas   MOSS C122
Thomas Elwyn MOSS C122
Merab   ROBERTS C124
Meshach   ROBERTS C124
Edwin   JONES C125
Margaret Ann JONES C125
Elizabeth   JONES C126
William   JONES C126
William   JONES C126
William   ROBERTS C128
Mary   ROBERTS C128
Myfanwy   JONES C129
W. J. JONES C129
J. R. JONES C129
Thomas   RANCE C130
Mary Louisa RANCE C130
Rhona Grace HALE C131
Thomas John HALE C131
Violet   HALE C131
Mary   JONES C132
Albert   JONES C132
Mary   JONES C132
George   HOOSON C133
Sarah Ellen HOOSON C133
Robert   KYFFIN C134
Mary   KYFFIN C134
Edwin   KYFFIN C134
John Oliver MOSS C135
Sarah Ellen MOSS C135
Elizabeth Ellen BLACKSHAW C136
Thomas Lewis BLACKSHAW C136
Jane   ROBERTS C137
Robert Glyn ROBERTS C137
Charles Henry WILLIAMS C138
Sarah   WILLIAMS C138
Elizabeth   EVANS C139
William Owen EVANS C139
Robert Thomas CHALLONOR C140
David   HUGHES C141
Elizabeth   HUGHES C141
Richard   HOPE C142
Elizabeth   HOPE C142
Stanley   DAVIES C142
Annie   DAVIES C142
Margaret Ann ROBERTS C143
Samuel   ROBERTS C143
Elizabeth Ann FELTON C144
John Thomas FELTON C144
Edward Jones FELTON C144
Mary Elizabeth BURTON C145
William   BURTON C145
Catherine Agnes BURTON C145
Sarah Catherine DAVIES C146
John   DAVIES C146
Ruth   JONES C147
Heth   JONES C147
Elizabeth   WYNNE C148
John   WYNNE C148
Nancy   WYNNE C148
Leslie James BATEMAN C148
Francis Elgan ROBERTS C148
Elizabeth   REECE C149
Thomas   REECE C149
Mary   REECE C149
Robert   REECE C149
Margaret   REECE C149
Robert John REECE C149
Charles Ernest REECE C149
Edith   HUGHES C150
Bertie   HUGHES C150
Joseph (Joey) HUGHES C150
Catherine   JONES C151
Robert   JONES C151
James   WILLIAMS C152
Mary Jane WILLIAMS C152
John James WILLIAMS C152
Jennett Harriott RICHARDS C153
John Henry RICHARDS C153
William   JONES C154
Margaret     C154
Richard David JONES C155
Hilda   JONES C155
Mandy     C155
Albert Edward PURSLOW C156
Edith Emily PURSLOW C156
John William WILLIAMS C158
Rosina   WILLIAMS C158
Geoffrey   WILLIAMS C159
Richard   WILLIAMS C159
Gwendoline   WILLIAMS C159
Moira     C160
Gryffydd     C160
Elizabeth   JONES C161
John   JONES C161
Eileen   WILLIAMS C162
Robert Owen WILLIAMS C162
Lauinia   WILLIAMS C162
Elizabeth   WHILE C163
John H. C. WHILE C163
Thomas   WHILE C163
Elizabeth   HILL C163
Ivy Rix JONES C163
Thomas M. V. JONES C163
Thomas   JONES C163
Elsie   HUGHES C164
John   HUGHES C164
Margaret   HUGHES C164
Edwin   WILLIAMS C165
John   WILLIAMS C165
Margaret   DAVIES C166
Thomas   DAVIES C166
Thomas Arthur DAVIES C166
Priscilla   DAVIES C166
Phillys Mary GRIFFITHS C167
Thomas Edward HOPWOOD C168
Alice Mary HOPWOOD C168
Lily Mary ROBERTS C169
Trevor   ROBERTS C169
Sidney Arthur SEED C170
Menna   SEED C170
Ewart Hefin ROBERTS C171
Annie   ROBERTS C171
William (Sen) HOPWOOD C172
Maria   HOPWOOD C172
William Henry DAVIES C173
Nellie   DAVIES C173
Glyn   DAVIES C173
Percy   HANMER C174
Hilda Jane HANMER C174
Graham (Swannie) SWAINSON C175
Henry   SWAINSON C175
Enid May SWAINSON C175
William   FOULKES C175
Frances May FOULKES C175
Myfanwy   DAVIES C176
Alun   DAVIES C176
Edith   ELLIS C177
William   ELLIS C177
Annie   ELLIS C177
Linda   ELLIS C177
Gertrude Ann DAVIES C178
Einon   DAVIES C178
Matthew Henry ROBERTS C179
Mair Eluned ROBERTS C179
John   ROBERTS C179
Catherine   KELLY C180
David   KELLY C180
Alfred   COUSINS C181
Lily   COUSINS C181
Violet   COUSINS C181
Evelyn   WILLIAMS C182
Evan Ellis WILLIAMS C182
Blodwen   OWEN C183
Thomas   OWEN C183
Eliza Ann PARRY C184
Gordon   PARRY C184
Ceridwen   JONES C185
Alun   JONES C185
Elizabeth Margaret HUGHES C185
Hannah Amelia WHITLEY C186
Joseph (Jim) WHITLEY C186
Selina   DAVIES C187
William Thomas DAVIES C187
Wilfred   DAVIES C187
Iris Megan DAVIES C187
Ioan   EDWARDS C188
Mofydd   EDWARDS C188
Ann   EVANS C189
Isaac   EVANS C189
Florance   ROBERTS C190
Edward John ROBERTS C190
Hugh Wade THOMPSON C191
Frankie   ROBERTS C192
Aubrey Llewelyn ROBERTS C192
Fred   OWEN C193
Hugh   OWEN C193
Edward William OWEN C193
Jane Grace OWEN C193
Katherine Mary ROGERS C193
John Percival ROGERS C193
Siān   BARKER C193
Tom   BARKER C193
Elidan   BARKER C193
Idwal   GRIFFITH C194
Mary Elizabeth GRIFFITH C194
Jonathan   ROBERTS C195
Elizabeth   ROBERTS C195
Albert Ernest GOUGH C196
Frances Octavia GOUGH C196
Florence Della GOUGH C196
Clive   GOUGH C196
Florence   GOUGH C196
Pryce   JONES C197
Margaret Ann JONES C197
Marjorie Eleanor POPE C198